Would You Rather Wednesday #2

Happy New Year everyone! Now it’s time to bring the awkward back.

This week’s question:

Would you rather be raped by an army of gummy bears


listen to Rihanna’s single “Umbrella” for 8 consecutive hours?

The choice is yours...

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15 thoughts on “Would You Rather Wednesday #2

  1. Anthony says:

    Umbrella. By the end of the eight hours i would know exactly the way to sing the song. I would than go to american idol and win the money. Thus making me thank you.

  2. eyeLaugh says:

    hahah you just gave me an idea for a comic, thanks. Has to do with Boyfriend eating gummy bears off a strange place on my body.

  3. t says:

    I’d pick the gummie bears, but only because they would feel more shame than I would, and, I would also have the added bonus of knowing that I didn’t umbrella for 8 hours.

  4. Cafe23 says:

    I’ll go with listening to Rihanna. Those look like mutant gummy bears.

  5. Can I do both at the same time ? At least I can go back to work with a story to tell and a reason to ask for a more comfortable seat/donut ?

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