What’s Going On!?

If you’ve had an inkling that we’ve been posting less, you’d be right. The school semester is starting to get pretty heavy, and juggling two jobs isn’t making it easy for me to write much of anything. Now, I’m not looking for a sympathy vote. I really wish I’d post more often, and I should find a way to do it (I’m thinking, I’m thinking).

But, fret not, fellow followers! There will come a time where all shall be fine and dandy once more, and it shall be soon. The Rubbers are hard at work on some seriously good posts right now, so if you’ve noticed the quality go down, it’s because the quality’s about to shoot right back up again!

To all the bloggers out there: Kudos. I don’t know how you guys do it. But I love reading your stuff, so don’t stop! Stopping is for squares.

I’m a square…

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5 thoughts on “What’s Going On!?

  1. I miss you guys, rubbing one out hasnt been the same, normal spelling and all. My semester is picking up too between bouts of binge drinking. I will be pouring some out for you guys, my falling little homies bout to rise up again like Jesus on or around easter depending on your final exam schedule

    • therubbe says:

      Man, how is it you always manage to make us laugh? Damn, well, good luck on your finals too! We shall return!

      • yeah I’m not giving my students a final, more so a final project less headache best wishes on your tests and finals. (What are your majors btw)

      • therubbe says:

        Ah, yeah, I’d prefer a project over a paper. Rather than several projects WITH papers. -__-‘ I’m an English major and Heather over there is a bum, or undecided,lol. Gabe is a liberal arts major. Gabe and I are almost in our last year. Thanks for the wishes. : D We need ’em. I hope your students are worthy of your grading this semester(God knows I see a shit ton of bad papers).

  2. Cafe23 says:

    Good luck with school! Look forward to reading your stuff when you return 🙂

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